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Employee Benefit Review Process
Preparing report. Blue graphs and charts
STEP 1 - Gather Data and Review Existing Benefits

Our process is structured to be comprehensive without creating a burden for our customers. CJ does not have a "one-size fits all" approach to this step. We tailor the process to our clients ability and time to provide information.

Analysing the Numbers
STEP 2 - Benchmarking and Advanced Analytics     

CJ measures customer data and existing benefit plans against current benchmarks for the entire market and our customers specific industry. We then perform a comprehensive analysis utilizing CJ's proprietary analytics tool that can highlight potential savings and improvements.

Discussing the Numbers
STEP 3 - "Just What You Need"

Using the information learned from the review and analysis CJ will meet with key stakeholders to discuss opportunities for savings and improvements by providing "Just What You Need"

In a Meeting
STEP 4 - Education, Communication and Implementation

Once a plan is constructed and approved it can only be successful with extensive education and communication. CJ works with our customers to develop a customized plan to make sure the entire team understands the plan and that by working together everyone wins.

Business success with growing, rising ch
STEP 5 - Document Savings and Improvements

CJ partners with our customers to set achievable and measurable goals for improvements and savings. A key part of the process is to provide timely, accurate data to communicate performance of key metrics against the plan.

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